How To Apply

The Christopher Family Foundation offers grants within a number of different program areas.


The Foundation’s Education Program currently focuses on out-of-school time youth development programs, primarily in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood. Out-of-school time programs—before and after school, and during the summer months—allow students to pursue interests that foster excitement for learning, forge positive relationship with adults and peers, and participate in a safe, supervised environment when parents/guardians are working.

Employment & Entrepreneurship

The Foundation supports proven pathways to family sustaining wages for people with multiple barriers to employment. CFF also has a particular interest in organizations that support entrepreneurs, especially for women.

Individual & Family Health & Well-being

The Foundation wants the families and communities of the Chicago region to thrive through healthy bodies and healthy food. Through its individual and family health and well-being initiative, the Foundation supports a number of programs that address hunger and increase access to healthy food. Also supported are programs for children and families who have experienced trauma so they can find healing and go on to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Special & Legacy Projects

From time to time CFF will support a special project, or make an additional contribution to a legacy project outside the three core areas of program focus. These grants will only be made on the initiative of the Distribution Committee, with an invitation to apply. No unsolicited applications outside the core areas will be considered.