How To Apply

The Christopher Family Foundation offers grants within a number of different program areas.


Education begins at birth and happens both inside and outside the classroom. Some current grants within this focus area support initiatives that promote Kindergarten readiness, enrichment for young children at cultural institutions, and after-school programs for youth.

Employment and Entrepreneurship

The Foundation believes that everyone should experience the dignity that employment provides, and the ability to support themselves and their families through hard work. CFF has a particular interest in programs that provide job readiness training and those that teach and foster entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty, especially for women.

Individual and Family Wellbeing

The Foundation wants the families and communities of the Chicago region to thrive through healthy bodies and healthy food. Through its individual and family health and wellbeing initiative, the Foundation supports a number of programs that address hunger and provide access to healthy food. Also supported are programs that contribute to healthy dynamics within families, and health initiatives that foster research, education or access to care.

Community and Fellowship

Humans of all ages and positions can draw strength and support from the company of others who share similar interests and/or goals. The Foundation continues to support organizations which promote fellowship, build community and offer opportunities to connect with others.

Special and Legacy Projects

From time to time CFF will support a special project, or make an additional contribution to a legacy project outside the four core areas of program focus. These grants will only be made on the initiative of the Distribution Committee, with an invitation to apply. No unsolicited applications outside the four core areas will be considered.