How To Apply

The Christopher Family Foundation strives to better understand how and where the Foundation can contribute with the greatest impact.

Learning Grants

CFF provides Learning Grants so that both the Foundation and its grantees can understand more about the areas in which they hope to serve. These grants may explore a new practice, examine a gap or need, or survey existing assets. Through Learning Grants CFF may initiate a new relationship with a grantee in order to understand its field of work better, allow a pilot of an untested method, support evaluation of a new effort, fund a needs assessment, or in some way provide financial support to drive the field in question forward. Risks are acceptable, where potential benefit justifies them.

Promising Practice Grants (PPGs)

Promising Practice Grants support projects that have already demonstrated success. They may be evaluative, helping grantees understand why its approach is working, and how to expand on the success. These grants may include capacity building support that allows an organization to consider scaling or replication of a program, or otherwise enhance the capacity of the organization to succeed.

An organization may be very good at what it does but lack resources to understand exactly why things are working, or how they might work better. Consultant services from a stable of creative professionals may form part of these grants, along with direct funding for the practice.

Collaboration/ Convening Grants (CCGs)

Collaboration and Convening Grants allow CFF to work with synergistic external funders to leverage its investments by combining them with investments from other sources. Collaboration Grants may also apply to a group of applicants who believe that they can better address an issue by combining their resources and abilities. Occasionally, a Collaboration Grant may provide support for a group of organizations to take advantage of a collective learning opportunity.