“Growing Together” Case Study Now Available

McKinley Community Play Garden
McKinley Community Play Garden. Photo courtesy of NeighborSpace.

In fall 2018, The Christopher Family Foundation launched a new initiative to increase access to nature as part of a healthy childhood for children living on the West Side of Chicago.

Growing Together: West Side Collaborative for Youth and Nature ultimately took the form of a competition-style grant process to fund an innovative collaboration among two or more nonprofits.

To reflect both the process and our learning, we’ve created a case study, which we invite you to read and share. We are happy to answer questions and serve as a resource for others interested in similar models of grantmaking.

Read the Case Study

This initiative would not have been possible without the invaluable feedback of the West Side residents and community stakeholders who took part in the neighborhood listening sessions. We are hugely grateful and hope that the selected project—the West Side Nature Play Network—speaks to the passion and interest for more spaces where children and families can gather to experience nature together.